Twitter Feeds, right within Discord.

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What can you do with TweetShift?

X/Twitter Feeds

Using Feeds, you can set a X/Twitter account to automatically post right into your Discord channels or threads.


Automatically filter your Twitter Feeds to certain keywords, so you only receive what's relevant.


Our Dashboard lets you setup TweetShift in your server quickly and easily, we're sure you'd love it!

Why TweetShift?


TweetShift was designed from the ground up to be clear and simple. It takes most people just minutes to setup TweetShift, and it all starts with just one command, easy peasy.


Many people trust TweetShift to deliver Tweets in real-time to their servers, and our systems are ready to service your server as well.

Fast & Free

Our Discord bot was engineered with speed in mind. We're always striving to have a great ping, fast responses, and rapid Twitter Feeds - while also providing a service for free.

Private & Secure

We know how important your data is, which is why we're transparent about how we handle your data. You can trust us with your Discord server and Twitter Feeds.

What our users say:

AylisGenshin Obsessed

"I really like TweetShift, it’s unique and helpful, allowing me to transition from my Twitter to Discord seamlessly. I also love that there is a Dashboard that makes it super easy to manage."

FlipF1 Hub

"TweetShift completely changed how I use Twitter, and it changed it for MUCH better. I do not miss things that are relevant, be it play or work, and they are neatly organised in my Discord server."


"TweetShift is the next step up from a basic Twitter webhook. It boosts your engagement in a way no other Discord-based Twitter solution I've ever found has been able to."

So then, what are you waiting for?

Invite TweetShift to your server and enjoy all the benefits of Twitter inside Discord, for free!

Invite to server

Once invited just type /help to see all our commands, or look at the Documentation for the full list of features and commands.

Need some help?

If you're having any issues or just want to ask a question, join our support server and head to our support channel. We also recommend reading the Documentation

Join Support Server Documentation

Once you've joined, head over to the #support channel.