Introducing the new TweetShift website

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Introducing the new TweetShift website

Welcome to the new TweetShift website, We’ve re-written the website from the ground up to be bigger and better!

What’s new

  • Newly designed color scheme that better fits TweetShift
  • The TweetShift Blog is the new blogging area of the site, where we’ll be posting info about TS
  • The Dashboard now has the ‘Statistics’ page that allows you to see TS stats about your server

What’s improved

  • We’ve made lots of performance improvements to the site, you should see that a lot of pages load a lot faster
  • The website should seem a lot more stable, especially the Dashboard

Like what we’ve done?

If you like all these new improvements, go ahead and press the ❤️ button below to show your support!

Posted on December 6, 2020
Tags: update

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