TweetShift 4.6

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TweetShift 4.6

This update includes changes to lots of TweetShift components.

Minor changes:

  • t!shards now uses simple mode as the default
  • Server count in status has commas in-between numbers

Aliases added:

  • t!autopost start -> t!follow, t!add
  • t!autopost stop -> t!unfollow, t!stop
  • t!autopost list -> t!following, t!list
  • t!shiftify -> t!shy

New caching system:

TweetShift now has a new caching system, which retains cache for longer and will be faster. This means that the TweetShift Bot & Website will act snappier.

Infrastructure upgrades:

As you may have seen by the status messages, we’ve spend a few weeks working on the infrastructure behind TweetShift to ensure minimal downtime, better scalability, and faster running systems.

Posted on May 27, 2021
Tags: update

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